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Dead Accounts

  I still don’t know what Arbor Day had to do with it. Dead Accounts, Theresa Rebeck’s latest play currently in performances at the Music Box Theater, contains a haphazard hodgepodge of themes, ideas and motifs that are scattered throughout … Continue reading

Catch Me If You Can

Style over substance was the motto of Frank Abagnale Jr., and the musical about him seems to abide by the same rules. Catch Me If You Can, currently playing at the Neil Simon Theater, is a flashy and fun spectacle … Continue reading

Is He Dead?

Is He Dead? Highjinks and hilarity rule the evening in Is He Dead?, a mischevious romp currently playing at the Lyceum Theater. Starring Norbert Leo Butz, the play tells the story of Jean Francious-Millet, a struggling painter who, in an … Continue reading