Carey Purcell is a New-York based writer, reporter and theater critic. She covers the New York theater scene, reviewing plays and interviewing members of the community. Her writing offers a fresh and feminist perspective from a young, progressive woman. Read more.

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Interview: “It’s Possible for Someone To Strike You and It Not Hurt at All” – Liliom Stars and Director Discuss Beautiful Soup’s Production of Molinar’s Controversial Play

“It’s all the right things in all the wrong places,” Gerrard Lobo said of the play Liliom, a tragic love story of a carousel barker and a small-town girl who are doomed to not reach a happy ending together. Ferenc … Continue reading

Review: Machinal

The dark, grim and gritty production of Machinal, Sophie Treadwell’s 1928 play about the confines of society, is currently shining a much-needed light on our culture. Treadwell’s work, inspired by Ruth Snyder, the first New York woman to be put … Continue reading

Blog Posts: “Pretty Little Liars,” Teen Sexuality and Slut-Shaming: Why “A” Isn’t the Biggest Problem On This Show

I’ve written about the TV show “Pretty Little Liars” before on this blog. Many of my friends have expressed surprise that I watch the ABC Family drama about teenage girls being harassed by an anonymous stalker – before they admit … Continue reading

Blog Posts: 11 Reasons Why Getting Older is Not a Bad Thing

We’ve all read at least one of the Buzzfeed blog posts about how old we’re getting – “30 Signs You’re Almost 30,” “Your Early Twenties vs. Your Late Twenties,” or “A Twentysomething Party vs. a Thirtysomething Party.” These lists usually … Continue reading

Review: Taking Care of Baby

The blessing and burden that is motherhood is on display at City Center, where Taking Care of Baby, the intriguingly uncomfortable play by Dennis Kelly, is making its American debut. Presented in the style of a documentary, where a disembodied, … Continue reading

Blog Posts: Not in Love Actually – A Feminist Response to “The Ultimate Romantic Comedy”

I used to love watching the film Love Actually. I saw it for the first time in the winter of 2003 and watching the movie quickly became a ritual for me during the holiday season. An admitted sucker for holiday … Continue reading

Review: The Glass Menagerie

Theatregoers, consider yourself warned. Long after exiting the Booth Theatre, where the achingly beautiful revival of The Glass Menagerie is currently in performances, this play will stay with you. John Tiffany’s movingly acted and artistically staged production will continue to … Continue reading

Interview: An Interview With Sara Montgomery, Francesca Day and Marta Kuersten About Moliere’s The Learned Ladies

An interview with Sara Montgomery, founding member of The New Ateh Theater Group, and Francesca Day and Marta Kuersten, co-founders of Cake Productions, whose theatre companies are teaming up to present a unique, all-female production of Moliere’s classic comedy, The … Continue reading