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Carey Purcell is a New-York based reporter, author and theater critic. She writes about entertainment, pop culture, politics and current events from a feminist perspective.

Carey’s work has been published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Politico, The Guardian, The Nation, American Theatre Magazine, Dame Magazine and numerous other publications. Read more.



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Published: A Clockwork Orange Bulges With Muscles and Ideas

Originally published on The Culture Trip View this story online No matter where the audience looks during A Clockwork Orange, male muscles are visible–flexing, tensing, and bulging. The current off-Broadway production of the late Anthony Burgess’ stage adaptation of his dystopian … Continue reading

Published: It Girl: Introducing Sophia Lillis, Heart and Soul of the Losers’ Club

Originally published on Vanity Fair Hollywood View this story online Facing puberty is bad enough—but try doing that while also juggling an absent mother, a disturbing father, and an amorphous, shape-shifting evil spirit that’s terrorizing your town. None of this … Continue reading

Published: Seeing Yourself Onstage: The Heidi Chronicles

  I often go to the theater to escape my life. Not that my life is horrible, but who doesn’t need a break now and then from their everyday problems, jobs, or relationships? Plays and musicals offer a glimpse into … Continue reading

Published: Why the Play Wit Made Me Cry So Hard

Originally published on View this post online I didn’t cry a lot when I was sick. I was too busy, stressed, and scared to allow myself to break down in tears. It was almost five years later, when I … Continue reading

Published: It’s OK to Not Be Facebook Friends With Your S.O.

Originally published on View this story online Miranda and her boyfriend, Daniel,* have been together for almost two years. They’ve traveled around the country, spent holidays together, and seen each other through family and health crises. They’re even moving … Continue reading

Published: The GOP’s Health-Care Bill Is Absurdly Cruel to Sexual Assault Victims

Originally published in DAME magazine View this story online It never occurred to Jessica* to not report her rape. After being attacked at a bar when she was 24, she immediately told her friends, and the cops were called. She … Continue reading

Published: Has Broadway Discovered … Feminism?

Originally published in Dame Magazine View this story online The Tony Awards are hardly known as a feminist event, but on Sunday, June 11, if we are lucky, we may be witnessing a first. In the theater world, especially on … Continue reading

Published: The Daughter of a Muslim Feminist Icon on the Many Faces of “Self-Defense”

Originally published in Fusion Read this story online In Front Lines, Fusion speaks to activists leading the charge in all kinds of ways. Nasreen Alkhateeb’s teenage rebellion wasn’t too different from other adolescent girls’ in the suburbs of Washington D.C. … Continue reading