Carey Purcell is a New-York based writer, reporter and theater critic. She covers the New York theater scene, reviewing plays and interviewing members of the community. Her writing offers a fresh and feminist perspective from a young, progressive woman. Read more.

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Review: The Heidi Chronicles

It is both enlightening and depressing how relevant The Heidi Chronicles still is, more than a decade after its premiere on Broadway. Wendy Wasserstein’s look at the life of feminist art historian Heidi Holland is receiving its first Broadway revival … Continue reading

Review: The Audience

When writing about Helen Mirren’s performance as Queen Elizabeth in The Audience, a new play by Peter Morgan, opportunities for puns abound, but I will do my best to resist. Mirren is no stranger to the QE2; she won an … Continue reading

Published: Heartless: How One Abnormal Pap Smear Lost a Woman Access to Gynecological Care

Originally published on View this story online “It just got scarier and scarier,” Anna Haas said, describing a recent visit to the doctor. But instead of a medical procedure, Haas was remembering her experience with her health insurance company. … Continue reading

Blog Posts: Watch The Row J Roundtable for The Jewish Channel

I was invited to participate in the Row J Roundtable with Meredith Ganzman and Jesse Oxfeld, where we discussed the spring Broadway season.

Blog Posts: Watch Carey Purcell’s Interview on Good Morning America

Following the publication of the article “Being a Bridesmaid is Driving Me Into Bankruptcy,” I was invited to discuss the article on Good Morning America. Watch the video below. ABC US News | ABC Sports News

Review: Bullets Over Broadway

It’s not for a lack of trying. Bullets Over Broadway, the latest screen to stage musicalization to hit the Great White Way, certainly tries. It’s bright, sparkling and loud. The problem is, it still manages to only lad a somewhat … Continue reading

Published: Being a Bridesmaid is Driving Me Into Bankruptcy

Originally published on View this story online My phone rings at 8 AM on a Saturday morning. I groggily look at the caller ID and see that it’s one of my good friends from high school. Still half asleep, … Continue reading

Review: The City of Conversation

Politics are most definitely personal in The City of Conversation, the new play by Anthony Giardina in performances at Lincoln Center. Directed by Doug Hughes and starring an elegant and impassioned Jan Maxwell, this new work ambitiously and somewhat clumsily … Continue reading