Carey Purcell is a New-York based writer, reporter and theater critic. She covers the New York theater scene, reviewing plays and interviewing members of the community. Her writing offers a fresh and feminist perspective from a young, progressive woman. Read more.

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Review: A Streetcar Named Desire

  Blanche DuBois may be looking for magic, but it’s unforgiving realism that floods the theater at St. Ann’s Warehouse, where a gritty and gripping production of A Streetcar Named Desire is performances. Starring Gillian Anderson as Tennessee Williams’ faded … Continue reading

Review: Bright Star

“You need to find a sweeping tale of pain and redemption,” one character tells another in Bright Star, the new musical by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell playing at the Cort Theatre. Unfortunately, it seems Martin and Brickell did not … Continue reading

Review: Waitress

The confection being served up at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre is neither sweet nor savory. In fact, it can’t be summed up in a single word, despite present-day culture’s obsession with concise descriptions and hashtags. (#SorryNotSorry.) Instead, it’s a delightfully … Continue reading

Published: Hamilton Star Javier Muñoz’s Secret Cancer Battle: ‘I Had Never Been More Scared in My Life’

Hamilton star Javier Muñoz has spoken for the first time about his battle with cancer – admitting: “I had never been more scared in my life.” Muñoz, 40, who is the alternate for the musical’s writer and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, … Continue reading

Published: All His Daughters: Arthur Miller’s Strong, Truth-Telling Women

Originally published on View this story online When Linda Loman said, “Attention must be paid,” at the end of Death of a Salesman, she was asserting that her husband should receive the recognition he deserved. But the same demand could be made … Continue reading

Blog Posts: Nine Things to Never Say When Someone Loses a Job

We’ve all been there: either having lost a job ourselves or trying to comfort a friend or family member who has lost a job. And we’ve all been here: having heard or said something insensitive, unsympathetic or just plain stupid … Continue reading

Review: Prodigal Son

  Absence makes the heart grow fonder in Prodigal Son, John Patrick Shanley’s misty-eyed memory play that is currently in performances at City Center’s Stage II. Also directed by Shanley, the autobiographical drama follows Jim Quinn (played by the gifted … Continue reading

Review: Her Requiem

Life is mirroring art, which is mirroring life, in Her Requiem, the ambitious new play by Greg Pierce. Directed by Kate Whoriskey in an LCT3 production at the Claire Tow Theatre, this familial drama address the thrilling excitement surrounding the … Continue reading