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The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess

The living ain’t easy on Catfish row in the new rendition of Porgy and Bess, currently playing at the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway. Minimalistic, passionate and violent, filled with soaring operatic songs as well as thundering anger and rage, … Continue reading

The Scottsboro Boys

Racism, sexism and antisemitism aren’t necessarily topics one would set to music, but The Scottsboro Boys isn’t necessarily a musical that would end up on Broadway. The arrestingly powerful production, directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman, is an admiringly inventive … Continue reading

American Idiot

Sunglasses and earplugs may be required to successfully enjoy a performance of American Idiot. This fiercely intense musical, currently playing at the St. James theater, is unapologetically loud, both in the volume of its music and the meaning of it … Continue reading

In The Heights

In the Heights Usnave serves his coffee light and sweet – but with a bit of spice. Condensed milk with a pinch of cinnamon is his secret to giving the beverage a little kick. The same could be said of … Continue reading

In the Heights

In the Heights “Everybody’s got a job, everybody’s got a dream,” says Usnavi, the narrator of In The Heights. That concise summary of his neighbors is accurate, but it hardly does justice to the new musical at the 37 Arts … Continue reading