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The Mystery of Edwin Drood

“Let’s all be as vulgar and uncivilized as possible!” shouts one character in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, the joyfully boisterous production in performances at Studio 54.  While this exuberant, interactive, choose-your-own ending musical may be a bit vulgar, it … Continue reading

Finian’s Rainbow

It’s hard not to think too much nowadays. When someone says, “Don’t worry,” the impulse can be to laugh. With the economy sinking, unemployment rising, screaming pundits on TV and winter just around the corner, one’s mind can always be … Continue reading

The Seafarer

The Seafarer There’s almost no limit to how much an Irishman can drink, but there is to how much of a story can be garnered from it. And for the first act of The Seafarer, Connor McPherson’s latest drama currently … Continue reading