11 Reasons Why Getting Older is Not a Bad Thing

We’ve all read at least one of the Buzzfeed blog posts about how old we’re getting – “30 Signs You’re Almost 30,” “Your Early Twenties vs. Your Late Twenties,” or “A Twentysomething Party vs. a Thirtysomething Party.” These lists usually present a few references to drinking alcohol, evaluating hangovers from college years compared to hangovers when you’re a few years older, and make jokes about drinking wine compared to a fruity mixed drink from early twenties. They also inevitably show people being tired and commenting on how they are not “functional adults.”

These posts are entertaining at times, and they have made me laugh. But I find myself saddened by the frequently negative comparisons about aging, as well as by the statements my peers make about being “old” and “boring,” simply because they don’t want to order another round of drinks or ride the subway for 90 minutes to go to a party on a weeknight.

I will celebrate my 30th birthday in February 2014. But I am not dreading turning 30, nor do I consider it a bad or boring thing to have matured, resulting in more refined tastes in good and drink and appreciating the amazing effect that a good night’s sleep has on my skin. So in anticipation of my 30th birthday, I present 11 reasons why Buzzfeed lists about getting older should not make you feel badly about your age, or, more concisely: 11 reasons why getting older is not a bad thing.

1. Developing sophisticated taste in alcohol is not a bad thing. Nope, not at all.

Johnnie Walker black on the rocks is far superior to a Cosmopolitan.


2. The number of people you sleep with does not determine your age, and if you reject someone, it does not mean you are old, boring, frigid or any other arbitrary insult someone may throw your way.

‘Nuff said.


3. Expecting people to RSVP to a party doesn’t mean you’re old and uptight. It means you expect people to say yes or no.

The host has to know how much food and drink to buy.

Oh God

4. Declining invitations to events doesn’t mean you’re old or boring. It means you have a lot of stuff going on in your life – most of it is probably pretty great – and you have to prioritize.

No one – even someone in their early twenties – can do everything.


5. Just because your age has increased by a few numbers doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Three words that prove my point: Sir Patrick Stewart.

No words are needed.

Patrick Stewart Laughing


Patrick Stewart Dancing

6. Getting older does not mean you are less entertaining or witty.

Jon Stewart. Stephen Colbert. Tina Fey. Amy Poehler.

jon stewart dancing

7. The Lolita Myth that youth = beauty is bullshit.

Younger does not always equal sexier.

Meryl Streep

8. Getting older doesn’t mean you have less energy.

It means you use it to go to the gym.

Hugh Jackman

9. You still have plans on the weekend. They just start before midnight so you can have fun without spending the entire next day sleeping.

Later does not always equal better.


10. You still have so many reasons to be excited about life.

LOTS of them.


11. Because using arbitrary requirements set by random websites to determine where you are and where you are going in life does nothing but set you up for disappointment, failure and low self-esteem.

And if you do read them, just think of this.

Judy Garland

2 Responses to 11 Reasons Why Getting Older is Not a Bad Thing

  1. Jan Christensen says:

    Good reasons all, no matter what one’s age.

  2. Ashley says:

    I have another one. Dating someone who is 23 when you are 18 is slightly creepy. Dating someone who is 30 when you are 23 is cool. And dating someone 40 when you are 30 isn’t even notable. Thus the older you get, the larger the acceptable age range to date.