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Dan Heching was 25 and living in Paris when he was mugged. Six years later, the award-winning playwright has taken his experience and turned it into an original one act play. Sammy Gets Mugged will be performed in the 15th Annual Fringe NYC International Theater Festival. Directed by Noah Himmelstein and featuring Stephanie Pope Caffey and Heching in the cast, SAMMY GETS MUGGED! will also feature scenic and lighting design by David L. Arsenault and costume design by Mark Caswell.

“After I was mugged, the way in which I would recount the event to friends and family almost became a play in and of itself,” Heching said. “The memory was so clear, the thoughts I remember having during the exchange were so crisp…it was only natural to turn it into a story!”

Heching said the play is an answer to some questions that kept coming up as he told the story of his mugging to other people, such as why he didn’t make a run for it or try to get help.

“It attempts to explain why this specific mugging turned out the way it did, and in a wider sense, examine how people interact in the worst–and best–of circumstances,” he said.

Heching said he hopes SAMMY GETS MUGGED! will inspire audiences to reconsider how to treat strangers and how people interact in urban environments.

SAMMY is also a very personal exploration of how a victim can choose to deal with the conflicts he or she faces,” he said. “It certainly touches upon my own ways of coping, and I hope it appeals to that aspect of people’s sensibility.

“This has been incredibly thrilling, because an experience that I have been living with for 6 years now is finally coming to light for others to see,” Heching continued. “I’m using this memory to tell a larger story, and connect some dots for people about how we interact in society in general, and it’s so fulfilling and exciting to be a part of it on so many levels.”

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