Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

One holiday season there was a critic named Carey

Who found that holiday shows did not make her feel merry.

She felt overall they were big and were loud;

She did not understand why they drew such a crowd.

She saw plays about Scrooge and about Santa, too.

Everyone clapped but she wanted to boo.

Then she found a show that did not make her flinch.

It starred Patrick Page and it was called The Grinch.

It was based on a book that children hold dear,

And it really did spread some holiday cheer.

The Grinch lives near Whoville and he hates Christmas Day

He makes his dog Max help him take it away.

He comes up with a scheme to ruin Christmas morning.

He steals toys and trees without any warning.

He makes his dog help him without any choice,

And he sings silly songs in a very loud voice.

But on Christmas Eve the Grinch’s plans go all wrong

When Cindy Lou Who finds him and sings him a song.

She helps his heart to grow bigger times three

So the Grinch goes to Whoville and gives back the tree.

Patrick Page plays the Grinch and he does it with glee

Making the smiles and the snarls and the scowls perfectly

He makes jokes for the kids and for the adults as well

With his tongue in his check so much it might swell.

His high kicks and jazz hands are quite a great sight,

And his song “One of a Kind” is the best of the night.

He is sly, he is quick, he is witty, he is smart.

He takes the comedy and made it an art.

The Grinch’s dog Max is played by Rusty Ross

Who is so cheerful and happy; he never is cross

He doesn’t want to stop Christmas, he loves the holiday,

But the Grinch will not let him have his own say.

Caroline London plays Cindy Lou Who, the kind young Who girl

Whose love and trust send the Grinch in a whirl.

Her voice is just lovely, her smile so sweet,

Seeing her act is indeed a great treat.

The costumes and sets looked just like the book,

And the children dance so fast that the stage almost shook!

The Grinch learns that Christmas is about something more.

(Let’s hope the children remember as they walk through the Grinch souvenir store).

So this critic left the theatre grinning from cheek to cheek,

Even though Halloween was only last week.

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