The Unauthorized Musicology of Ben Folds

The Unauthorized Musicology of Ben Folds was presented by the New York Musical Theatre Festival on Monday, March 26. The concert, held at the Zipper Theatre. featured various Broadway stars performing the music of the musician and composer. The lineup included songs from the albums Whatever and Ever Amen , Sunny 16as well as The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner.

The performers were accompanied by a band, which featured Brian J. Nash on the piano, Michael Blanco on the Bass, Rebecca Day on the violin and Michael Herklots on the drums.

Many of the songs contained darker undertones, but comedic relief was provided by Manoel Felciano’s energetic performance of “Song for the Dumped,” complete with headbanging and a baring of a shirt that read, “You Looked Better on MySpace.” Stephen DeRosa’s rendition of “The Secret Life of Morgan Davis” was also extremely amusing, performed in classic vaudeville style while wearing an old-fashioned bowler hat.

Broadway newcomer Ashley Parker Angel, from the band O-Town fame, sang “Brick,” while Sebastian Arcelus performed a deadpan rendition of “Narcolepsy.” Bob Stillman took to the piano himself for performances of “Selfless, Cold and Composed” and “Magic,” while Will Chase’s lighthearted yet double-edged rendition of “Still Fighting It”. The concert concluded with a spirited rendition of, “Learn to Live With What You Are,” sung by Liz McCartney.

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