We Can’t Say Goodbye: 10 Ideas for The Good Wife Spin-offs






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We’re still mourning the loss of The Good Wife, which aired its final episode May 8. After seven years of drama, intrigue and romance with Alicia Florrick, Diane Lockhart and company, the idea of life without them is simply unbearable. So, Robert and Michelle King, we humbly offer these ideas for spin-off series.

Lockhart, Stock and Barrel
Diane and Kurt open a combo B&B, giftshop and firing range. Big laughs, big romance and bigger Constitutional issues.

Elsbeth and Patti
Two polar opposites join forces to open a law firm together. Patti’s many children serve as their paralegals and interns.

Marissa Gold and Grace Florrick end up at the same school, where Marissa is pursuing a law degree and Grace is an undergraduate, and they become roommates with Marissa’s pragmatic and sarcastic Judaism clashing with Grace’s sincere Christianity. Alan Cumming guest spots are an absolute necessity.

Kalinda is working as a private investigator in England, where she is drawn into a scandal involving blackmail of the royal family. Princess Kate guest stars and inevitably begins to dress like Kalinda, wearing leather jackets and boots.

Stylish Sommelier
Alicia is brilliant and fascinating, but let’s be honest – her hair is also amazing. She opens up a hair salon that doubles as a winery, offering customers tastings and pairings as well as hair care consultations.

With Honor
This prequel to The Good Wife takes viewers back to Georgetown and shows them just what did happen between Will and Alicia, before Alicia met and married Peter.

Gold Standard
A father/daughter spinoff with Eli and Marissa Gold. After graduating from law school, Marissa makes her first foray into local politics with Eli as her campaign manager.

Oh, I Shouldn’t
After a series of unfortunate events, Peter’s mom, Jackie, and Alicia’s mom, Veronica, have to move in together. The two women clash in hilarious ways, beginning when Veronica borrows one of Jackie’s many pearl necklaces without asking.

Set in a local watering hole, this series follows all of the judges of The Good Wife and where they go to unwind after a day at court. A Sam-and-Diane type romance is inevitable.

When There’s a Will
An alternate universe spinoff where Alicia receives Will Gardner’s life-altering “I love you” voicemail, leaves Peter, runs away with Will and saves us all a lot of tears.

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