Hayley Mills Shows Her Party Face Off-Broadway

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How A ‘Robin Hood’ Business Model Supports An Artistic Clubhouse In Tribeca

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Was Natalie Portman Right to Call Out Golden Globes’ All-Male Directors?

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Lesli Margherita Slays in the Raunchy Grinch Spin-Off Who’s Holiday!

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A Ranking of Hallmark’s Most Iconic Holiday Movies Based on How Problematic They Are

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December is an expensive time to be single

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Is he interested in me, or does he just want Hamilton tickets?

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Of Thee I Sing Star Bryce Pinkham on Current Events, Corn Muffins and Carnegie Hall

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“No Fatties”: When Health Care Hurts

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Women’s Struggles Continue Post-Apocalypse in Zoe Kazan’s New Play

According to Kazan’s compelling After the Blast, progress for women is moving slower than we think. In this post-apocalyptic play, directed with clarity and compassion by Lila Neugebauer for Lincoln Center’s Claire Tow Theater, years have passed since an environmental disasterforced people … Continue reading