“It’s Possible for Someone To Strike You and It Not Hurt at All” – Liliom Stars and Director Discuss Beautiful Soup’s Production of Molinar’s Controversial Play

“It’s all the right things in all the wrong places,” Gerrard Lobo said of the play Liliom, a tragic love story of a carousel barker and a small-town girl who are doomed to not reach a happy ending together. Ferenc … Continue reading

The Lady of the House: Hattie Morahan Reflects on Role of A Doll’s House’s Nora for Modern-Day Audiences

Originally published on Playbill.com View this story online “I’m just interested in things that move me and make me think, make me laugh,” Hattie Morahan said of her thought process when chosing parts to play. “Whatever feels a bit different … Continue reading

An Interview With Sara Montgomery, Francesca Day and Marta Kuersten About Moliere’s The Learned Ladies

An interview with Sara Montgomery, founding member of The New Ateh Theater Group, and Francesca Day and Marta Kuersten, co-founders of Cake Productions, whose theatre companies are teaming up to present a unique, all-female production of Moliere’s classic comedy, The … Continue reading

Lauren LoGuidice Invites Us Into Her Garbo Dreams

When Lauren LoGuidice met Greta Garbo, it was a match made in Heaven. LoGuidice, an actor, writer and producer, had recently completed performing one solo show titled Queens Girl and wasn’t sure if she wanted to do another until she … Continue reading

Women Center Stage – An Interview With Dominique Fishback

Dominique Fishback performs Subverted, a one-woman show of spoken word, by the poet and first time playwright. Subverted portrays the destruction of Black identity through the eyes of Eden. As Eden, who is considered the exception, goes outside of what … Continue reading

Women Center Stage – An Interview With Dina Vovsi

Dina Vovsi directs everything’s whispered (for now). “Joann is late for her first day of work, she’s recently divorced, and she’d really like to get her 8 year-old daughter out of her princess costume before dropping her off at school. … Continue reading

Women Center Stage – An Interview With Tracy Bersley

Tracy Bersley directs For Immediate (and timely) Release, By Daniel Piper Kublick, Dorothy Abrahams and Bersley. Important up-to-date information for Bunker AA 6-4-2-0! Only essential personnel are excused: those on land-roving duty, terrain detox, and dentists. We at DDT pride … Continue reading

Women Center Stage – An Interview With Lauren Whitehead

Lauren Whitehead directs her original work A Tribe Called Blessed: Songs toward the Advancement of (T)history. Every story has a point of origin and a different point of origin depending on who’s telling it. In the sprit of re-originating and … Continue reading

Women Center Stage – An Interview With Sherri Eden Barber

Sherri Eden Barber directs Only You Can Prevent Wildfires Conceived by Barber and written by Harrison David Rivers. In 2002, the Hayman Fire burned 133 homes, 138,114 acres and forced the evacuation of 5, 340 people in Colorado. It is, … Continue reading

Women Center Stage – Interview With Madeline Sayet

Madeline Sayet directs Daughters of Leda, which she also wrote. Leda was raped by a swan. Later, her swan-babies, Helen and Clytemnestra, became just as infamous as she. How many glitches occurred in the reporting? Clytemnestra’s three daughters (Iphigenia, Electra, … Continue reading