An Apology

Regarding my piece for the Washington Post on interfaith relationships: I am truly sorry I offended so many. It was never my intention to disrespect the Jewish faith or anyone who engages in Jewish customs, traditions or religious beliefs, and my … Continue reading

Watch Carey Purcell on MSNBC’s “AM Joy”

I appeared on “AM Joy” to discuss my Politico article “I Survived Trump Magazine – Barely.” Watch the interview below.  

Nine Things to Never Say When Someone Loses a Job

We’ve all been there: either having lost a job ourselves or trying to comfort a friend or family member who has lost a job. And we’ve all been here: having heard or said something insensitive, unsympathetic or just plain stupid … Continue reading

Watch The Row J Roundtable for The Jewish Channel

I was invited to participate in the Row J Roundtable with Meredith Ganzman and Jesse Oxfeld, where we discussed the spring Broadway season.

Watch Carey Purcell’s Interview on Good Morning America

Following the publication of the article “Being a Bridesmaid is Driving Me Into Bankruptcy,” I was invited to discuss the article on Good Morning America. Watch the video below. ABC US News | ABC Sports News

“Pretty Little Liars,” Teen Sexuality and Slut-Shaming: Why “A” Isn’t the Biggest Problem On This Show

I’ve written about the TV show “Pretty Little Liars” before on this blog. Many of my friends have expressed surprise that I watch the ABC Family drama about teenage girls being harassed by an anonymous stalker – before they admit … Continue reading

11 Reasons Why Getting Older is Not a Bad Thing

We’ve all read at least one of the Buzzfeed blog posts about how old we’re getting – “30 Signs You’re Almost 30,” “Your Early Twenties vs. Your Late Twenties,” or “A Twentysomething Party vs. a Thirtysomething Party.” These lists usually … Continue reading

Not in Love Actually – A Feminist Response to “The Ultimate Romantic Comedy”

I used to love watching the film Love Actually. I saw it for the first time in the winter of 2003 and watching the movie quickly became a ritual for me during the holiday season. An admitted sucker for holiday … Continue reading

Busy Shaming – When Being “So Busy” is Not a Bad Thing

When did being busy become such a bad thing? Ever since I got my driver’s license and could get around on my own, I have been busy. In high school, I was busy with school, an internship and a part-time … Continue reading

Royal (Baby) Treatment – Unequal Concern Across the Pond

I’m just going to say it: I don’t care about the royal baby. I’m glad the baby and his mother are healthy in the context that I’m impersonally happy that any baby and mother are healthy. But I’m deeply saddened … Continue reading