5 Times Rachel Bloom Said What Everyone Was Thinking About Beauty

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Sara Bareilles on Breaking Into Broadway and Why She Sang The Little Mermaid at Waitress

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All His Daughters: Arthur Miller’s Strong, Truth-Telling Women

Originally published on AmericanTheatre.org View this story online When Linda Loman said, “Attention must be paid,” at the end of Death of a Salesman, she was asserting that her husband should receive the recognition he deserved. But the same demand could be made … Continue reading

Hamilton Star Javier Muñoz’s Secret Cancer Battle: ‘I Had Never Been More Scared in My Life’

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Nine Things to Never Say When Someone Loses a Job

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Prodigal Son

  Absence makes the heart grow fonder in Prodigal Son, John Patrick Shanley’s misty-eyed memory play that is currently in performances at City Center’s Stage II. Also directed by Shanley, the autobiographical drama follows Jim Quinn (played by the gifted … Continue reading

Patina Miller: Fashion Superhero

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Her Requiem

Life is mirroring art, which is mirroring life, in Her Requiem, the ambitious new play by Greg Pierce. Directed by Kate Whoriskey in an LCT3 production at the Claire Tow Theatre, this familial drama address the thrilling excitement surrounding the … Continue reading

Beth Malone: Do Clothes Make the Woman?

Originally published on Broadway Style Guide View this story online “If I could dress myself in the perfect outfit, it would be like a pirate.” Beth Malone is being completely serious. After walking countless red carpets during the hectic theater … Continue reading

The Grand Paradise

“What’s behind those doors?” I wondered frequently throughout my trip to The Grand Paradise, a new immersive production playing in Brooklyn. Presented by Third Rail Projects and overseen by the company’s artistic directors Zach Morris, Tom Pearson and Jennine Willett, … Continue reading