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The Orphans’ Home Cycle Part 3: The Story of a Family

The Orphans’ Home Cycle Part 3: The Story of a Family All good things must come to an end, as we are reminded poignantly in the third installment of Horton Foote’s The Orphans’ Home Cycle.” Part Three, “The Story of … Continue reading

Happy Now?

Happy Now? Can a woman really have it all? The answer, according to Lucinda Coxon’s play Happy Now? in performances at the 59E59 Theaters, is a resounding “no.” Coxon’s play, which centers around a middle-aged working mother named Kitty (Mary … Continue reading

Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still Which is harder to survive – war or marriage? Or are they one and the same? How much can someone sacrifice for someone else, and how much is too much? These questions, and many others, are posed … Continue reading

As You Like It

There are two different plays in performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theater. The second year of Sam Mendes’ Bridge Project, bringing English companies to perform in America, has two Shakespeare plays on the bill: As You Like … Continue reading

Present Laughter

Before sitting down to watch Present Laughter, Noel Coward’s semi-autobiographical play currently in performances at the American Airlines Theater, prepare yourself with a large dose of patience. This production, clocking in at two and a half hours, with two intermissions, … Continue reading

A Little Night Music

A starry constellation has gathered at the Walter Kerr Theatre, where Sondheim’s A Little Night Music is in performances by a cast of names that vary in the warmth of their glow. Illuminating the theater in a production of Sondheim’s … Continue reading


Style rules over substance in Wintuk , Cirque du Soleil’s holiday-themed show currently in performances in the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden. And for a show this athletic, entertaining and just plain shiny, that’s ok by me. The very … Continue reading

When Sex Hurts, and No One Can Tell You Why: The Mysterious Condition Called Vulvodynia

Karen Wilson was 16 when she first began feeling the pain. It began out of the blue one day, and it never stopped. She could never figure out why the heavy feeling in her vagina was happening, or how to stop it. Some days the pain was so bad that she couldn’t walk or even get out of bed. Wilson began going to doctors, but none of them knew what the pain was or how to make it stop. Many people told her it would end after she had children, and one doctor suggested that it was psychosomatic. It wasn’t until her 20s that Wilson was diagnosed with a mysterious condition known as vulvodynia.
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Who said cutbacks are bad? That’s not the case in the sweeping revival of Ragtime currently playing at the Neil Simon theatre, where minimalist staging and simple props set the stage for a grandiose, thrilling production that is nothing short … Continue reading


Musical theater has long been an outlet for emotion. Angst, anger, frustration and love are all frequent subjects of musicals. However, they are not frequently approached from the perspective of teenagers. Jason Robert Brown’s new musical, 13, which is currently … Continue reading