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If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet

Teenage bullying and global warming have both received a great deal of attention in the media lately, but one wonders if they have ever been combined into one story. Bringing the two together in one play is even more unusual, … Continue reading


Who am I? That is the bold question the equally boldly named play C*ck, currently in performances at the Duke Theater, dares to ask as it examines a man whose sexual identity confuses him, to say the least. This show, … Continue reading

The Train Driver

Singing to ghosts may not seem like the most entertaining pastime, but for this man, it’s all he’s got. As he slowly walks through a graveyard strewn with pieces of junk and trash, he utters a haunting, low melody that … Continue reading


“I’d like to stare out into the abyss for a while,” says Mable, the domineering matriarch in Sam Shepard’s play Heartless, currently in performances at the Pershing Square Signature Theater. Unfortunately, I felt the same desire stirring in me after … Continue reading


Chaplin: The Musical begins on a high note as the titular character walks a tightrope, struggling to keep his balance while people from his life look up at him and echo the question, “Whatcha gonna do when it all falls … Continue reading

Harrison, TX

Small towns in the South often inspire images of people sitting on front porches, fanning themselves and idly chatting, gossiping about their friends and neighbors.The production of Harrison, TX, currently in performances at Primary Stages, certainly depicts the images of … Continue reading

Cheering for Feminism on Broadway at “Bring It On”

I thought I had left high school behind me. I graduated many years ago and didn’t go to the most recent reunion of my graduating class. But watching Bring It On, the new musical currently playing at the St. James … Continue reading

Not Happily Ever After All – A Feminist Response to ‘Into the Woods’

Be careful what you wish for. That seems to be the message of the Public Theater’s revival of Into the Woods, currently in performances at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. When it was first announced, this production sounded like … Continue reading

Forced Out of School and Church, Watching Friends Commit Suicide: What It’s Like Growing Up Gay and Mormon

By the age of 18, Ryan Shattuck had crossed several key moments of being a young Mormon man off of his checklist. He had attended seminary classes throughout high school, was enrolled in Brigham Young University for college and was … Continue reading

Slut Shaming on “Pretty Little Liars” – My Guilty Pleasure Takes a Serious Turn

Pretty Little Liars is my guilty pleasure. I am frequently teased for enjoying the show, but I have always considered it to be much more intelligent than its name might imply. Based on a series of young adult novels by … Continue reading