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The fires of rage in Medea burn hot, but in Simon Stone’s new adaptation, all we see are the ashes. Stone’s modern-day reworking of Euripides’ familial tragedy about an enraged woman who murders her children offers a more clinical, scientific scrutiny … Continue reading

The Big Knife

This knife is too dull. While the Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of Clifford Odet’s The Big Knife has the potential for suspense and sizzle, this show is lacking substantially in both. A series of missed opportunities for tension and laughter, … Continue reading

Glengarry Glen Ross

Empty words may not normally be a happy discovery on Broadway, but in the stirring revival of Glengarry Glen Ross, currently in performances at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, the vacant dialogue and unfulfilled promises of salesmen are most certainly welcome, … Continue reading

The Motherf***er with the Hat

Addiction is the theme of Stephen Adly Guirgis’ play The Motherf***er with the Hat, which features Chris Rock in his Broadway debut. Drugs, alcohol, and relationships are all featured as unhealthy vices in this compelling character study of battling Puerto … Continue reading


Mauritius It’s not really about Mauritius, an island off the coast of Africa where one of the most valuable stamps in history was created. Nor is it really about the stamp that was made at that island. So what is … Continue reading