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Cancer at 23: How Health Insurance Failed Me

“I’m too young for this,” I thought. It wasn’t the first time that those words had crossed my mind in the past few months. I thought it when I was diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer. I thought it when the company I was working for began facing financial problems and my paychecks were bouncing. I thought it when I learned I would be dependent on a prescription drug every day for the rest of my life. And I thought it again when I got the bill. In spite of having insurance, I had been billed in full for my surgery and two nights in the hospital. The total was $20,759.89. I was 23 years old.
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title of show

[title of show] It’s funny, charming, witty and original. So what is it doing on Broadway? That’s a good question to ask about [title of show], the most genuine and unassuming play that has adorned Broadway’s stages since…who knows when? … Continue reading

Making the Scene

Set designer Tony Walton has worked on everything from the plays of John Guare and Anton Chekhov to the musicals of Stephen Schwartz and Stephen Sondheim — not to mention such iconic films as Murder on the Orient Express and All That Jazz — amassing shelves of awards in the process. Now the self-described “ancient geezer” is back on Broadway as designer of the musical version of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. Recently, Walton took a break from working on this massive show — which consists of nearly 50 scene changes — to sit down and discuss the project.
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Buffalo Gal

Buffalo Gal Nostalgia appears in every scene of Buffalo Gal, A. R. Gurney’s latest play currently in performances at 59E59 Theaters. It is in the people, the clothes, the furniture and it also appears in the music of the show. … Continue reading


A spoonful of sugar may make the medicine go down for Mary Poppins, but it sure doesn’t help the play Saved, a musical with very different intentions playing a few blocks down the street. This production, a sanitized and sweetened … Continue reading


Heist Was that supposed to be funny? That was all I could wonder as I left the Sargent Theatre. I really couldn’t tell, after watching the new play written by Paul Cohen. The story was something about some jewelry thieves … Continue reading

The 2008 Tony Awards

The 2008 Tony Awards were held on June 15 at Radio City Music Hall. The evening was a mixture of paying tribute to classic revivals as well as inventive new pieces. Walking the red carpet before the awards, the stars … Continue reading


It’s not for a lack of trying. The material is interesting. The performances are good. The sets are simple and effective. But Birthright, a new drama by Jackie Alexander currently in performances at the Billie Holiday Theatre, does not pack … Continue reading

Two Rooms

Two Rooms Simplicity is the key to success in Two Rooms, a new production currently playing at the Gene Frankel theater. Written by Lee Blessing, this achingly sincere, frighteningly relevant story was first debuted 20 years ago but packs even … Continue reading

The 39 Steps

Is Hitchcock supposed to be this funny? I wondered in between bursts of laughter while watching The 39 Steps. An adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s film by the same name, the play, currently in performances at The Cort Theatre, is filled … Continue reading