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Heist Was that supposed to be funny? That was all I could wonder as I left the Sargent Theatre. I really couldn’t tell, after watching the new play written by Paul Cohen. The story was something about some jewelry thieves … Continue reading

The 2008 Tony Awards

The 2008 Tony Awards were held on June 15 at Radio City Music Hall. The evening was a mixture of paying tribute to classic revivals as well as inventive new pieces. Walking the red carpet before the awards, the stars … Continue reading


It’s not for a lack of trying. The material is interesting. The performances are good. The sets are simple and effective. But Birthright, a new drama by Jackie Alexander currently in performances at the Billie Holiday Theatre, does not pack … Continue reading

Two Rooms

Two Rooms Simplicity is the key to success in Two Rooms, a new production currently playing at the Gene Frankel theater. Written by Lee Blessing, this achingly sincere, frighteningly relevant story was first debuted 20 years ago but packs even … Continue reading

The 39 Steps

Is Hitchcock supposed to be this funny? I wondered in between bursts of laughter while watching The 39 Steps. An adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s film by the same name, the play, currently in performances at The Cort Theatre, is filled … Continue reading

Top Girls

Top Girls It’s on Broadway. But I’m not entirely sure why. Yes, it is timely. It is thought provoking. And it features some of the highest caliber actors in some high quality performances. But I’m still not sure why it … Continue reading

Idol Chatter

Every generation has its incandescent Broadway stars. John Barrymore was a brooding Hamlet for the ages (1922), Laurence Olivier’s star-crossed Romeo melted hearts (1940), Mary Martin Flew high as Peter Pan (1954) and Patti LuPone demonstrated more than just a little touch of star quality as Eva Peron (1979). Leading actors and actresses on Broadway today are no less brilliant or ambitious, setting their careers on the fast track in roles than endear them to legions of fans, many of whom are swooning teenagers new to the theatergoing experience. Continue reading

Something You Did

Something You Did The old cliché states that actions speak louder than words. That statement, like everything else, is debatable in Something You Did, the dialogue-drenched play by Willy Holtzman currently playing at the 59E59 Theaters. Allison, played by Joanna … Continue reading

In The Heights

In the Heights Usnave serves his coffee light and sweet – but with a bit of spice. Condensed milk with a pinch of cinnamon is his secret to giving the beverage a little kick. The same could be said of … Continue reading

Passing Strange

Passing Strange “OK, we’re gonna play some music,” says the man on the stage, matter of factly. And he proceeds to do just that, and much more, in Passing Strange, the inventive and thoroughly enjoyable musical currently playing at the … Continue reading