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Man Is Man

Man Is Man “Can it really be done?” inquires a soldier. “Changing one man into another?” It can, and it is, in the inventive production of Man Is Man, performed at the Here Art Center by the Elephant Brigade. The … Continue reading

Journey to the End of the Night

Journey to the End of the Night? I could not stop blinking after leaving the Gene Frankel Theater on Sunday. But my eyes were not the only thing having trouble adjusting. After watching Journey to the End of the Night, … Continue reading

Is He Dead?

Is He Dead? Highjinks and hilarity rule the evening in Is He Dead?, a mischevious romp currently playing at the Lyceum Theater. Starring Norbert Leo Butz, the play tells the story of Jean Francious-Millet, a struggling painter who, in an … Continue reading

The Seafarer

The Seafarer There’s almost no limit to how much an Irishman can drink, but there is to how much of a story can be garnered from it. And for the first act of The Seafarer, Connor McPherson’s latest drama currently … Continue reading

Broadway Unplugged

Broadway Unplugged Broadway fans mourning the lack of musical theatre due to the strike were able to satisfy their cravings on Monday 19, at the Broadway Unplugged concert. Performed at the New York City Town Hall, the event was described … Continue reading

Shannon O’Keefe

Shannon O’Keefe “Thank God she’s not on American Idol,” I thought as Shannon O’Keefe sang the last note of her concert. Performing live in New York for the first time, the 23 year old actress and singer treated her audience … Continue reading

“Broadway Idol” – An Interview with Jaclyn Huberman

She may not have the crown jewels, but she does have a sense of humor. After being crowned the Broadway Idol, Jaclyn Huberman e-mailed her list of friends and family – about 415 total – to tell them of her … Continue reading

“A Jew Grows In Brooklyn” – An Interview with Jake Ehrenreich

It was either a joke gone bad or one of the funniest moments in Jake Ehrenreich’s acting career. Someone’s cell phone had rung in the middle of his show, A Jew Grows in Brooklyn, and, instead of ignoring it, or … Continue reading

“Forbidden Broadway” – An Interview with Gerard Alessandrini

When asked about his work, Gerard Alessandrini is modest. “It’s nothing new,” he said of his now-famous musical parody, Forbidden Broadway. “People have been changing lyrics to favorite songs for millenniums.” And, with Alessandrini’s continuous work, this tradition may continue … Continue reading

“Bush Wars” – An Interview with Jay Falzone

It’s the day after the elections, and the House and Senate are officially Democratic again. Jay Falzone’s mission is accomplished. “So are you wearing a flight suit right now?” I asked the co-writer and star of Bush Wars, referring to … Continue reading